Video Demonstration of MagPi clearing Canada Geese from a pond:

Video Demonstration of Luke and MagPi clearing Canada geese from a field:

Video of MagPi clearing a baseball field:

CT Goose Solutions was featured on Cablevision Channel 12 on Pet Talk with Lauren Collier in December 2009. This clip explains more about our company and includes video clips demonstrating the effectiveness of our services.

The following is a link to Lauren Collier's blog posting about CT Goose Solutions.


BIC Corporation Shelton, CT July 2010

Since 2008, Connecticut Goose Solutions has been a valued partner for BIC Corporation in Shelton , Connecticut .  Jamie North and her team of Border Collies have effectively controlled goose activity at BIC’s North American campus.  Jamie continues to impress with her knowledge, experience and customer service.  Jamie has been flexible and proactive in offering advice to tailor service frequencies to address changing seasons and immediate needs, including short-notice response.

BIC Corporation maintains a walking trail as part of our efforts to promote employee wellness.  While this scenic path is very popular with BIC’s employees, apparently Canadian geese appreciate it as well.  Without control, the geese can quickly foul these walkways to the point that they are un-usable.  Connecticut Goose Solutions plays a valuable role in facilitating BIC’s wellness program by providing a humane and effective service that keeps our property much cleaner and nearly goose-free.