Frequently Asked Questions

I thought all Canada geese migrated away in the winter. Why are they not leaving like they are supposed to?

Fifty years ago the majority of the Canada goose population migrated annually to their nesting sites in the north.  Humans have altered the dynamics of the Canada goose population through the importation of a non-migratory Canada goose subspecies and habitat alteration.  The beautifully maintained and fertilized lawns that are now so popular across Connecticut are ideal habitats for Canada geese.  Successive generations of resident Canada geese have lost the instinct to migrate.

Why do you not list the cost of service on your website?

The pricing is dependent on a variety factors: how long the geese have been on the property, are they breeding there, how large is the property and what is the terrain, how much water is on the property, have people been feeding the geese, the mileage from other clients or our home base, how much automobile traffic is on or near the property, how safe is the environment for the dogs to work, and the level of goose control desired by the customer.
CT Goose Solutions offers a free demonstration and consultation for any interested customers. We assess the site and then sit down with you and explain what our recommended services are and the cost of each for your property. We are flexible with our program to accommodate your goose control needs and we can work within any budget to alleviate your Canada goose problem. We do not believe in any high pressure sales tactics or forcing you to sign up for any more services than your property requires. We do not charge special start up or cancellation fees.

How long does it take to get rid of all the geese?

Length of response time can vary according to the level of severity of the goose problem on your property and the level of goose control that you choose. We generally can have a significant reduction in the population in 2-4 weeks. The duration and level of maintenance is dependent upon the specific goals of the customer. We provide more information about this for your specific property at our free consultations. 

Why do you only use Border Collies and not other breeds?

Border Collies are herding breed. They do not have the drive to catch and harm or retrieve the geese. The Border Collies only desire is to try to herd the geese (similar to how they herd sheep) to the handler. In the case of Canada geese, the geese fly away before the dogs even reach them. 
Of all the herding breeds, the Border Collie is best suited for Canada goose control because of the intensity of their "eye", their size, and stalking gait which are similar to the natural predators of Canada geese, the fox and coyote. They also never bark when they are working which is appreciated by property owners and lends to their ability to frighten the geese even more than other breeds that may tend to bark. 

How long does it take to train a Border Collie for Canada goose control?

Our dogs have extensive training in both obedience and herding commands. The higher level of training a dog has the more effective of a goose control dog they are. The advanced commands allow the handler to control every movement and direction the dog takes from a very far distance from the dog.  Every dog requires a minimum of 2 years of training before it fully enters our team.  All of our dogs receive ongoing training in both obedience and herding their entire lives. Many of our dogs actively compete in herding trials and obedience competitions. 

What is your dog wearing in the photos on the website?

Our dogs all wear bright red custom-made waterproof and reflective vests when they are working. One side says CT Goose Solutions and the other side says the individual dog’s name. The purpose of the vests is to clearly identify our dogs as working dogs. This quickly eliminates many questions the public has regarding what we are doing on the customer’s property and provides reassurance that we are a legitimate company. This is especially helpful to customers with strict no dog policies for their properties. We also find the use of the vests helpful in our training program as it lets the dog know that it is actively working. 

I have a Border Collie Mix that chases birds. Why shouldn’t I use my own dog? 

Canada goose control can be a very hazardous occupation for untrained dogs and handlers. Without precision control over your dog, you may inadvertently harm your pet. Potential hazards can include automobile traffic, unstable frozen ponds, thick mud in the spring, strong currents in waterways, and aggressive geese. You also need to consider the amount of exposure to lawn chemicals and both external and internal parasites you and your dog will encounter daily.  
CT state law requires anyone who hazes Canada geese to have a current CT state Nuisance and Wildlife Control License (NWCO).  As part of this license you must file detailed annual reports and pay license fees to the state yearly.  If you or your dog harms a Canada goose at anytime your license is revoked and you can be prosecuted under the Federal Migratory Bird Act. 

I have read online about “goose roundups”. What is this method of goose control and how effective is it?

Canada geese have a molting period every summer when the geese cannot fly. The geese are herded by people using boats and special fencing into small pens where they are caught and removed from the property. What is done with the geese depends on the state the roundup is performed, some states relocate the geese and others euthanize. CT State does not allow for the relocation of the geese so all birds must be euthanized. The euthanasia method of choice is CO2 gas in a mass chamber. The roundups must be conducted by a licensed NWCO with special permission to conduct roundups. 
The roundups are usually very expensive to run and offer only a temporary solution. If Canada geese were on your property they were there because something about your property is attractive to geese. If you remove the current population of geese, others will simply move in to take advantage of the great habitat you are offering.
This method of goose control is obviously not approved by humane organizations and can potentially expose you and your business to unwanted negative media attention.  CT Goose Solutions does not ever participate in Canada goose roundups.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions that were not answered on our webpages.